Marcus Fiore: Flâneurie Souterrain - Arch 484P / Degree Project
Critics: Ed Keller and Chris Perry with George Showman

2007 SPRING:

"Instead of permanently and mercifully putting out the eyes of the poor, [universal education] does its best to force them wide open, so that they may see all around them lives of less merit and greater comfort, pleasures that are keener and more voluptuous, and therefore sweeter and more desirable.
'And the fact is,' he added, following this line of thought still further, 'the fact is that, pain being one of the consequences of education, in that it grows greater and sharper with the growth of ideas, it follows that the more we try to polish the minds and refine the nervous systems of the under-privileged, the more we shall be developing in their hearts the atrociously active germs of hatred and moral suffering."
[Huysmans, Joris-Karl. Against Nature (A Rebours). New York: Penguin Group. 2003. pg. 69]

I : Line of Reasoning - Degree Project Essay
II : Initial Subway Surveys
III: Subway Genealogies
IV: Coach Re-Appropriation
VI : Parables

2006 FALL - WEEKS:

I : Individual
IV : Complexité

V - XV } The Aleph : Collaborative
XVI : Degree Project Booklet :

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